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About company 'Dary prirody'

“Dary prirody” Ltd, founded in 1992, is a telling illustration of a successful, steadily growing Ukrainian company.

Rich facilities of “Dary prirody” Ltd can implement any project in any field of technical gas application. Productive base includes gas mixtures production plats, workshops carrying out technical examination and repair of cylinders, the complex of storage and gasification of liquid products.

Thanks to its laboratory the company can produce gas mixtures of any combination and concentration, special purity gases using the equipment of the world-known manufacturers and its own designs. Since 2007 the company has entered the markets of the EU, Russia and CIS where it has established the reputation of a stable supplier of the quality products which has enabled the company to strengthen its positions in the world market.

“Dary prirody” Ltd focuses on the individual requirements of the partners and applies a complex approach to solve the tasks which leads to the high performance.

Currently “Dary prirody” has delegated the authority to sell and engineer to the companies “DP Air Gas” and “DP Engineering”, respectively, in order to concentrate its efforts on manufacturing the best quality products only.

Partnership for us is working arm in arm which leads to the commercial success of both parties.

The company’s mission: We contribute to the economic development of our partners ensuring the regularity and safety of the production processes by quality, reliability and stability in supplying technical and pure gases, food and welding mixtures.

We contribute to the healthcare and saving people’s lives ensuring safe and regular supplies of quality medical gases and gas mixtures to hospitals and patients’ homes.

We undertake responsibility for all the processes of gas supply at the client’s business – both gas deliveries and establishment and maintenance of gas infrastructure.

We make the cutting-edge developments and technological solutions in the sphere of industrial and medical gases and gas mixtures available for our clients.

The strategic aim of the company as an exporter of liquid gases is to ensure a stable delivery volume and minimize the costs of every client.

Principles of activity:

- Functional and effective solutions;

- Firmness of purpose;

- Innovative approach;

- Constant increase of the product quality and services;

- Persistent improvement of the company’s work

- Readiness to explore new cutting-edge technologies

- Focusing on promising markets;

- Guarantee commitment

- Quality and timely execution of works.

“Dary prirody” is a leading producer of gas products in Ukraine, a reliable partner of businesses in Russia, Poland, Romania, Germany, Italy and other countries.

Our industrial gases are used for special solutions almost in all the branches of industry: in metallurgy and metal working, chemical and energy industry, food industry and environmental protection, glass making and electronic equipment production, in construction, for plastic material and rubber manufacturing, in medicine, in scientific research.

We aspire to creating conditions under which every participant of the business-process extend the opportunities in achieving the goals. Together we can succeed greatly.


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